The most common and preferred shipping method is Turkish Postal Service PTT. Ground shipping and shipping by plane time usually are almost the same, about 7-15 days. But price difference can be huge.

PTT Turpex express shipping is another good option, with less shipping time but higher price.

Note that after arrival to destination country the package can be hold in customs office from one to ten days or more. It depends on country. This period is not included to our shipping calculation table.

All orders that we send using PTT are shipped inside your country with national postal services up to your local Post Office. Usually you can track the root of your package by tracking number using national Postal Web sites or Turkish Postal Service online portal.

Note that shipping price is not included to order invoice and is calculated after packing in PTT office. We can provide all necessary documents required by your national Customs Services about Turkish origin of products etc.

Also we can ship your order using international delivery services like TNT, DHL, UPS or other. But prices vary significantly. It can be good option if you are permanent customer of this services and have some discounts.

For most of European Union member countries we can ship orders using specialized cargo company Door-to-Door. If total weight of order more than 20 kilogram the price is about 13 Euro for 1 kilo, if less than 20 kilogram – 15-18 Euro for 1 kilo. Shipping time is about 10-14 days.

Also for some European, Africa, post Soviet countries there are plenty of other specialized cargo companies with interesting price rates and shipping times. For example for Baltic countries there is cargo company with shipping time of 5-6 days and shipping cost 2-8 Euro for one kilogram.

You always can choose your preferred shipping company with location in Istanbul, and we will send your order with it.